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Code Of Conduct For Parent


Both parents, please ensure to takeout time on Parent - Teacher Meeting Day and meet all the subject teachers, activity teacher and house master to discuss your ward's performance and progress. Your child is unique so we refrain you from making comparison of your ward with another child, even your own. If you still have some doubt or queries left unanswered due to time constraint, you are welcome to seek a personal appointment through reception to meet the specific teacher. We will be glad to assist you. Your active participation is desirable to build a confident child.


75% attendance in an academic session is compulsory for promotion to next class and for appearing in examination. It is parent’s responsibility to see that their ward is regular and punctual to school.


Half day and short leave is not permissible. Prior written permission for a long leave stating the reasons should be taken. Any leave must be followed by a written application. Medical leave application must accompany a medical certificate issued by a qualified Doctor alongwith a fitness certificate for joining back the school.


Students are not allowed to come in Civil dress on their birthdays and distribute anything in their class. Parents are encouraged to gift new school uniform, books, stationery on birthdays/festivals.


It is necessary for a child to bring his/her lunch box in the morning itself. Handing over lunch during recess will not be appreciated. Please send one seasonal fruit to supplement his/her nutritious needs.


Encourage your ward to participate in various house activities and meet the house master to tap his/her hidden talent.


Timely fee deposition is parents' responsibility. Fee should be paid by 7th of every month. Any reminder in this regard should be treated as urgent. Parents are advised to contact Accounts Section for deposition / clarification as name of the defaulters will be struck off at the end of the month unless a prior written application is submitted in this regard to the class teacher and permission is sought by the Principal. Late fee is applicable.

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