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Code Of Conduct For Students

Students are expected to strictly comply with following rules:

Respect for the Institution

  • Keep the buildings, class rooms, corridors and ground clean and in good condition.
  • Don’t cause destruction, defacement or damage to the school property. The student / students found guilty of any such offence will be penalized
  • Refrain from leaving campus at any time during the school day unless authorized.

Respect for Learning

  • Comply with all school rules and conduct yourself in an orderly manner.
  • Be punctual and regular to school. 75% attendance is compulsory in an academic session. Students coming late will be sent back.
  • Complete class work and homework assignments on time.
  • Carrying objectionable material during exams will be considered a punishable offence.
  • Using unfair means during exams is strictly prohibited and liable for serious action.
  • Take care of the school library books.
  • Attend the morning assembly without fall.

Respect for Self

  • Come in proper school uniform. Boys to get a regular hair (crew) cut. In case of girls, hair must be tied in a neat ponytail or a plait with BLUE rubber bands. No fancy accessories are allowed in the school.
  • Flicks, puffs, highlighting and dyeing of hair and applying henna on hands are NOT allowed.
  • Truancy is a punishable offence and may lead to severe action.

Respect for others

  • Refrain from pushing, shoving, blocking walkways or causing disturbance.
  • Refrain from making threats and harassing others.
  • Resolve differences and conflicts in a peaceful manner. Fighting defined as physical and / or verbal abuse where all parties have contributed to conflict, others verbally or physically, is prohibited.
  • Respect the possessions of others. Taking or using other’s possessions without their knowledge is not allowed.
  • Use appropriate language at school. Art of bullying, use of foul language and vulgar behavior will lead to strict disciplinary action.
  • Be courteous, considerate and truthful when interacting with all administrators, teachers, non-teaching staff and other students.
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