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Literary Club


This club aims in enforcing creative and critical thinking which contributes to decision making, problem solving by enabling members of the club to explore available alternative. It help students to look beyond their direct experience. This club promotes lateral thinking/thinking out of the box.


  • All class teachers and language teachers will divide the class into 6-7 groups.
  • Monitor/ leader will be appointed for each group separately who can be made responsible for ensuring that all the students participate.
  • Students are encouraged to work in a group as a team and use their creativity and imagination to the maximum possible extent.
  • Students may use stencils/calligraphy, pens/cartoons, decorative material/coloured sheets etc.


  1. Story writing based upon morals
  2. Debate competition
  3. Picture composition
  4. If I were………
  5. Poem composition
  6. Articles
  7. Quotations/couplets
  8. Synonyms (Grammar)
  9. Biography
  10. Current issues
  11. Slogan writing
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